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Jeff Dale didn’t earn his blues in the cotton fields, he earned them on Chicago’s southeast side among the steel mills and all their toxic waste that was a way of life back in his day. Once again leading a bunch of cats that are serious about loving their work, this hard charging set is sure to bring millennials to the blues even if the leader of the movement has a load of grey hanging off his chin. Hard stuff delivered with a blast that could only have come from the steel mills.
— Chris Spector, Midwest Record
After all these years, you don’t have to teach Jeff Dale the job anymore. With The South Woodlawners on ‘Blues Power’, he literally recorded a powerful album…
— ESC for Rootstime

Blues Power

Jeff Dale and the South Woodlawners

“Blues Power,” the newest album by Jeff Dale and The South Woodlawners, is exactly what the title says it is. After over 40 years of performing and writing original roots music, Jeff Dale delivers a batch of tunes that radiate his hard scrabble beginnings on the south side of Chicago, his resiliency through tough times and his well-earned sense of humor. “Blues Power” is Jeff Dale’s sixth commercial recording in the last nine years and here are some stand out facts:

Blues Power is co-produced by Americana legend, Marvin Etzioni. Marvin was an original member of the Geffen Records roots rock band Lone Justice and his playing and his producing credits can be found from The Counting Crows to Trombone Shorty to Stephen Stills and Judy Collins.

Guest performers on Blues Power include Rock n Roll Hall of Famer and founding member of the band Chicago, Lee Loughnane, members of Buddy Guy’s current band, the late James Cotton’s drummer, a young, hard touring jam rock band “Hunter & The Dirty Jacks”, and the first chair cellist of the L.A. Opera.

Blues Power is mastered by four-time Grammy® winning engineer Joe Palmaccio.

Thanks to the Angel producers for helping to make Blues Power come alive:

Raffi Adlan, Arlene Chernoff Berger, George & Debbie Leavitt Castleberry, Eddie Castro, Rena Schweizer & Peter Feldman, Michael & Carolyn Gliona, Dr. Bailey & Ruth Jacobson, Ron & Mary Jacobson, Tammy Kizer, Sharon & Mike Kroopkin, Quentin & Louise Leef, Gerald Magid, Jake Magid, Kevin Kroeker & Lynn Miyamoto, Steve and Jeanne Murow, Craig Pettigrew, Dr. Vicki Radel, Judith Reif, Corey Schiff, Kay & Cliff Shultz, Jeff Stone, Liane Thurow.

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Jeff Dale will never stick to any set rules or any stereotyped conception of the blues. He absolutely must go his own way. That’s what drives his creative engine. He is one of the very few blues artists who performs mostly original songs at his shows. This album showcases his latest set of compositions and they are all of a piece. A brilliant achievement.
— Michael Gliona, First Thursday Blues

The Southside Lives

Jeff Dale & Jeff Stone

An album 50 years in the making - Conveying their lifelong connection, Jeff Dale and Jeff Stone perform with an intimacy and familiarity that evokes sitting on their childhood front porches, playing together. 

Executive producers – Ted Cooley, Quentin Leef, Steve Murow

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Jeff Dale and the South Woodlawners support Honeyboy rather than trying to match or overwhelm him, and you can see and feel his evident satisfaction with their work. Clearly they all had a good time
— David Evans, Professor of Music Emeritus The University of Memphis

I’m Gonna Tell You Somethin’ That I Know

David “Honeyboy” Edwards w/ Jeff Dale & the South Woodlawners

Produced by Jeff Dale


Some Thoughts About Honeyboy

“…he evokes the smoldering intensity and elusive spiritual brilliance of the fabled Delta tradition as well as anyone alive, and better than most.” – Living Blues

“Honeyboy Edwards covered that bridge. He started off country, Mississippi, and by the time we got to hear him he is Chicago!” 
– Keith Richards

“Jeff Dale and the South Woodlawners support Honeyboy rather than trying to match or overwhelm him, and you can see and feel his evident satisfaction with their work. Clearly they all had a good time, and I'm sure you will also as you view this video.” 
– David Evans, Professor of Music Emeritus The University of Memphis

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Understanding the primal blues truths, while undertaking modern aspirations for Chicago blues, Jeff expertly blends it all. In fact, there is no doubt that this album is truly great. He gives us a crystal clear picture of the more than excellent guitarist Jeff Dale, and then about this inspiring band. Their music features a dynamic and steady rhythm, and above all, emotional expressive vocals. All in all, “Good Music” radiates subtle and highly profiled blues power.
— Soundguardian

Good Music

Jeff Dale and the South Woodlawners

Recipient of 2014 Pick of the Year from Blues In The Northwest and 2015 Shoutie Award from WXCI Connecticut!

Produced by Jeff Dale

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Good old brand new blues. The Woodlawners deliver it all with class and style unlike any new or old artist out there.
— American Blues Blog
Jeff Dale’s music is truly groundbreaking and if you love modern, pure Chicago blues with great guitar work, this “Blues Room” by Jeff Dale and his Woodlawners will ensure your fullest enjoyment.
— Rootstime Magazine

Blues Room

Jeff Dale and the South Woodlawners

Produced by Jeff Dale

My most sincere thanks to my Angel Producers 'cause the blues ain't nothin' without a little support. Names listed alphabetically:

Wendy and Patrick Austin, Amy Barrett, Arlene Chernoff Berger, George Castleberry and Debbie Leavitt, Eddie Castro and Celina Lew, Pat Ciliberto, Lady and Ben Edwards, Jill Freeman, Julie Graham, Stacey Hochstadter, C J Ihre, Phil Immergluck, Ron and Mary Jacobson, Larry and Bobbi Koonse, Susan Lasch Krevitt, Sharon and Mike Kroopkin, Bill Litviak, Lynn A Miyamoto, Steve Murow, Kai and Bill Murphy, Joy Neely, John Obrien, Craig and Judy Pettigrew, Corey Schiff, Liane Thurow.

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Blues From The South Side Of My Soul is a great album, which gives us a crystal clear picture of excellent guitarist Jeff Dale. This album Jeff presents his vision with the presentation of 11 blues songs, which you must have. This music is ornamented dynamic and steady rhythm, sensitive guitar and expressive vocals. All in all, the album Blues From The South Side Of My Soul radiates the power of the blues.
— Soundguardian

Blues from the South Side of My Soul

Jeff Dale and the South Woodlawners

Produced by Jeff Dale & Rich Hyland