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Good old brand new blues. The Woodlawners deliver it all with class and style unlike any new or old artist out there.
— American Blues Blog
Jeff Dale’s music is truly groundbreaking and if you love modern, pure Chicago blues with great guitar work, this “Blues Room” by Jeff Dale and his Woodlawners will ensure your fullest enjoyment.
— Rootstime Magazine

Blues Room

Jeff Dale and the South Woodlawners

Produced by Jeff Dale

My most sincere thanks to my Angel Producers 'cause the blues ain't nothin' without a little support. Names listed alphabetically:

Wendy and Patrick Austin, Amy Barrett, Arlene Chernoff Berger, George Castleberry and Debbie Leavitt, Eddie Castro and Celina Lew, Pat Ciliberto, Lady and Ben Edwards, Jill Freeman, Julie Graham, Stacey Hochstadter, C J Ihre, Phil Immergluck, Ron and Mary Jacobson, Larry and Bobbi Koonse, Susan Lasch Krevitt, Sharon and Mike Kroopkin, Bill Litviak, Lynn A Miyamoto, Steve Murow, Kai and Bill Murphy, Joy Neely, John Obrien, Craig and Judy Pettigrew, Corey Schiff, Liane Thurow.